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Keystoner Advertising Rates

The Keystoner is published in an electronic format six times a year. It is generally distributed the first week of the first month in a combined edition (i.e., January/February is generally distributed the first week of January.) Publication time may be delayed and/or issues may be skipped or combined without notice. Circulation: approximately 1,350.


  • January/February issue (December 10)
  • March/April issue (February 10)
  • May/June (April 10)
  • July/August (June 10)
  • September/October (August 10)
  • November/December (October 10)

Classified Ads

POA members: Free of charge.
As a service to our members, classified ads may be run free of charge for up to three consecutive issues.

Non-members: $1 per word with a $25 minimum
Numbers count as one word (i.e. "PO Box 3312, Harrisburg, PA, phone (717) 233-6455" equals seven words). Punctuation does not count as a word. Classified ads will be published in eight-point type or larger, on a space-available basis, and are typeset in sentence format. (ALL CAPS, bold, italic and underline are not available.)

All classified ads must be submitted in writing via email at Kelsey@poaeyes.org, fax at (717) 233-6833, or mail.

Please indicate if you wish to place a blind listing. Names, phone numbers and addresses do not appear in blind classified ads - please indicate where you would like the POA to send your responses.

Display Ads

Please download our Rate Sheet for information on display ads.

*  *  *  *

The Keystoner is published as a member benefit by the Pennsylvania Optometric Association. The POA reserves the right to reject any advertising copy. Contact Kelsey Rodkey, editor, or Charles Stuckey, Jr., O.D., executive director.