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Pennsylvania Diabetic Eye Health Alliance


The Pennsylvania Diabetic Eye Health Alliance (PDEHA) is a program designed to target known public health concerns surrounding the care of diabetics. It specifically addresses the optometric evaluation of the diabetic patient and disease management issues such as timeliness, accessibility of care, professional communication, quality management, delivery system cost efficiencies and clinical outcomes. This program and its participating health care professionals will devote serious and sustained effort to deliver comprehensive and expedient diabetic eye care and intercommunicate the information to all those involved in the patient's care.

To find an optometrist who has formally committed to the mission and objectives of the Pennsylvania Diabetic Eye Health Alliance, search by county below.


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  • Completion and administration of the 2008 Pennsylvania Optometric Association House of Delegates resolution to develop and implement a statewide program to ensure the provision of timely optometric care to the diabetic patient and to communicate findings to the other members of the diabetic patient's health care team
  • Improve care to underserved diabetic patients
  • Demonstrate to third party payers optometry's commitment to and role in providing quality care to the diabetic patient
  • Build alliances and strengthen relationships with other professionals involved in the care of the diabetic patient
  • Improve HEDIS scores for commercial payers
  • Improve PQRI reporting
  • Promotion of and participation in PDEHA by third party payers and providers