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Benefits of Membership

Welcome to the Pennsylvania Optometric Association! When you join the POA, you not only join your colleagues in Pennsylvania, but also you join more than 40,000 AOA members dedicated to advancing optometry across the nation.

Top reasons to be a member:

From legislation and regulation to third party issues, the POA and AOA constantly work to advance the profession of Optometry, ensuring the highest quality eye care for your patients.

Clinical Resources
POA and AOA are at the forefront in developing clinical tools and best practices to advance and elevate patient care.

Continuing Education
POA's continuing education programs make it easy and affordable for you and your staff to stay abreast of the latest research, techniques and technology. We also provide outstanding practice management courses to help you successfully navigate the ever-changing health care environment.

Public Awareness
POA's award-winning Kids Welcome Here campaign and the Pennsylvania Diabetic Eye Health Alliance give members access to high-quality educational and marketing materials -- and it's all included in your membership! Additionally, POA is a proud Leadership partner with Think About Your Eyes, a national advertising campaign for optometry.

A Place to Belong
POA members are dedicated to protecting and advancing their profession and improving the quality of their patient's lives. Whether your passion is children, disease management, legislative advocacy or public health initiatives, there are many opportunities at the local, state and national level to make a difference to your profession and patients. Join your colleagues and find your passion!

Download POA's Member Benefits Guide for details on POA's valuable benefits. In addition, check out benefit highlights for recent grads.

View the complete list of AOA's member benefits and services on AOA's Membership site.

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If you have questions about membership, please contact the POA at (717) 233-6455 or

Membership Dues

Membership in organized optometry begins with the Pennsylvania Optometric Association (POA). When you join the POA, you are also joining the American Optometric Association (AOA) and your local optometric society. In this way, you are represented at the local, state and national level and contribute to every aspect of your profession.

Your completed application with your check for a portion (at least 25%) or all of your dues should be sent to the Pennsylvania Optometric Association, 218 North Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101 for immediate processing. Sending the full amount will save both you and your association time and money related to billing. With three separate but linked organizations, a number of membership categories, a sliding scale and provisions for prorating, computing your dues can be confusing. Please call Jean from the POA office at (717) 233-6455 with any questions. You may also estimate your dues, and we will bill you for the balance or credit an overpayment to the following year.


2017 Membership Dues

American Optometric Association $946

Pennsylvania Optometric Association $835

Think About Your Eyes Assessment $50

Local Society $25 - 100

Total: $1,856 - $1,931
*Postgraduate, Life and Federal Service members do not pay state dues. There are also reduced dues for Partial Practice, Educator and Retired members. Contact the POA office at or call (717) 233-6455 for details.

Sliding Scale
The sliding scale for newly graduated optometrists is as follows:

Year of graduation 0% of active dues

First year after graduation 10% of active dues

Second year after graduation 20% of active dues

Third year after graduation 50% of active dues

Fourth year after graduation 75% of active dues

Fifth & subsequent years 100% of active dues


·         Partial practice members pay 50% of full Active POA member dues (AOA 60%). Local society dues vary.

·         Post-Graduate members pay dues of $35 to AOA, and no dues to POA or their local society. Residents begin the sliding scale for new graduates the year following their residency.

·         Federal Services members do not pay POA dues, and pay dues either through AOA or AFOS. Local society dues vary.

·         Educator members pay 50% of POA and AOA dues. Local society dues vary.

·         Life members do not pay dues to POA, AOA or their local society.

·         Retired members pay 20% of full Active member POA dues. AOA dues are $100 with benefits and $0 without benefits. Local society dues vary.

·         Associate member dues are $75 per year to POA, and are required to hold AOA membership through another affiliate. Local society dues vary.

·         Student members do not pay dues to POA or AOA.


AOS: $50               BCOS: $50             BMOS: $75            CPOS: $40             CDOS: $50

LCOS: $50             LVOS: $75             MCOS: $25            NOS: $35               NEOS: $45

NWOS: $25           PCOS: $50             SWOS: $40            WPOS: $100

The membership year is from January 1 through December 31. Dues for new/reinstated members are prorated for AOA, POA and Local Societies based on the month in which the member joins/rejoins. (Prorating is not available to any individual who has been a POA/AOA member within the same year of rejoining.)

Invoices for annual dues are mailed in December of each year to cover dues for the following year. Members are considered "in good standing" if at least 25% of dues have been paid by the end of each calendar quarter and paid in full by October 31. Voting strength of local societies and POA for the POA and AOA Houses of Delegates respectively is determined by the number of members "in good standing." To ease payment of your dues, sign up for an automatic charge to your credit card, either 1 full, 2 semi-annual, 4 quarterly or 10 monthly payments.

Membership Categories

We invite you to join your colleagues in support of optometry by becoming a member of the Pennsylvania Optometric Association. You may download an application or contact the POA office to discuss membership opportunities at (717) 233-6455 or

Active Member

A Doctor of Optometry who is practicing or living in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and who is a member of an affiliated society and the American Optometric Association. The annual dues for Active members shall be established by the House of Delegates during its annual meeting.

Download Active Membership Application

Partial Practice Member

A Doctor of Optometry who practices or lives in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania three (3) days or less per week in compensated optometrically-related activities. The AOA eligibility for Partial Practice membership is practicing an average of 16 or fewer hours per week. The annual dues for Partial Practice members shall be fifty percent (50%) of the dues of Active members.

Download Partial Practice Membership Application

Educator Member

A Doctor of Optometry who holds a full-time faculty or administrative position at an accredited school or college. The annual dues for Educator members shall be fifty percent (50%) of the dues of an Active member.

Download Optometric Educator Membership Application

Post-Graduate Member

A Doctor of Optometry who is a full-time student in an accredited institution, or resident or fellow in a residency program.

Download Postgraduate Membership Application

Federal Service Member

A Doctor of Optometry who is a Federal Service member of the American Optometric Association or an affiliated society of the POA.

Download Federal Service Membership Application

Retired Member

A Doctor of Optometry who is no longer engaged in compensated optometric-related activities, is at least fifty-five (55) years of age, not eligible for Life membership and whose status is certified annually by the member. An individual applying for Retired membership must currently be an Active, Partial Practice, Federal Services or Educator member. The annual dues for Retired members shall be twenty percent (20%) of the dues of an Active member. (The AOA's Retired members pay $100 to receive benefits or pay no dues and receives no benefits.)

Download Retired Membership Application

Life Member

A Doctor of Optometry who has been a continuous member for forty-five (45) or more years or who is permanently incapacitated. Eligibility for Life membership must be documented by the affiliated local society and conferred by the Board of Directors.

Associate Member

A Doctor of Optometry whose primary practice is in another state and is a member of that state optometric association and the American Optometric Association. The annual dues for Associate members shall be established by the House of Delegates during its annual meeting.

Download Optometric Associate Membership Application

Student Member

An optometric student who is a member of the Pennsylvania Optometric Student Society. The annual dues for Student members shall be established by the Board of Directors in consultation with the Student society. (The AOA also has a student membership program available directly through the AOA.)

Download Optometric Student Membership Application

Distinguished Member

A Doctor of Optometry who has served as President of both the POA and AOA.

Honorary Member

An individual who has rendered meritorious service to the POA or to optometry, as recommended by the POA Board of Directors and conferred by the House of Delegates.

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