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POA Student Member Benefits

Student members of POA enjoy the same benefits as optometrist members. While some benefits are geared toward practicing optometrists, many are also valuable to students, including membership in the Pennsylvania Central Federal Credit Union, life insurance, attending CE at POA and local society meetings, and receiving POA’s newsletter, the Keystoner.

Students can become members of POA by contacting the POA office at Robin@poaeyes.org.

As soon as POA receives notice that you have received a Pennsylvania license, you will immediately be granted free membership in POA, AOA and a local society for the remainder of that calendar year. In order to continue that membership into the next calendar year, you’ll need to return the Data Form enclosed with the initial mailing you’ll receive.

POA has developed a Resource Guide for New Optometrists to assist new licensees practicing in Pennsylvania, which is provided to graduating students at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry and to new Pennsylvania licensees from other schools, and is available to download.

Please refer to the Join POA section for applications and information on the sliding dues scale.