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Vision Conservation Institute (VCI)

The Pennsylvania Vision Conservation Institute (VCI) is Pennsylvania optometry's 501(c)3 non-profit organization focused on public education and research. VCI educates the citizens of Pennsylvania about eye care and the role optometrists play as primary eye care providers; provides optometric scholarships and supports vision and vision care research projects.

VCI has 15 Areas, which are synonymous with local societies of the Pennsylvania Optometric Association, except that the Beaver Valley Optometric Group is a separate Area unique to VCI.

All licensed doctors of optometry who are practicing in Pennsylvania and who are members of the Pennsylvania Optometric Association are also members of the Vision Conservation Institute. Any individual interested in the purpose of the corporation may also enroll as a member.

The collection and distribution of funds shall be governed by policies established by the VCI Officers and the POA Board of Directors. One member from the POA Board of Directors serves on the four-member VCI Board of Directors as Vice President.

In addition to charitable gifts and grants received by VCI, POA provides funding to support the operations and programming of VCI.

Through the years, VCI has taken on a variety of projects in the areas of education and research. Current projects sponsored by VCI include: