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Public Education, Outreach & Research

Vision Conservation Institute (VCI)

Preserving sight across PennsylvaniaThe Pennsylvania Vision Conservation Institute (VCI) serves as the public information and research arm of the Pennsylvania Optometric Association (POA). VCI, a 501(c)3 organization, educates the citizens of Pennsylvania about eye care and the role optometrists play as primary eye care providers, provides optometric scholarships, and supports vision and vision care research projects.

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POA Surveys

POA has initiated five surveys of its general membership since 2002. Two of the surveys were general in nature, seeking to understand the demographics of POA’s members as well as general practice information. The data in these two surveys was cross-referenced for gender and age. The other three surveys were more specific in nature, addressing low vision, vision therapy and technology.

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Community and Public Health Programs

Kids Welcome Here® logoPOA and its members reach out to all Pennsylvanians through a suite of community and public health programs. These include:

  • Kids Welcome Here®
  • InfantSEE®
  • School Nurse & Teacher Vision Education Program
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