The Pennsylvania Optometric Association is the professional organization for Doctors of Optometry in Pennsylvania. An affiliate of the American Optometric Association, the POA promotes the highest quality eye and vision care by optometrists, represents optometry to state government, provides its members with post-graduate education and membership benefits, and conducts activities in the interest of the visual welfare of the public.

POA Mission Statement

The Pennsylvania Optometric Association provides education, advocacy, and support for Doctors of Optometry to be licensed and equipped to practice to the fullest extent of their training.

POA Vision Statement

To create access to high-quality eye-health and vision care for all citizens of Pennsylvania


The Pennsylvania Optometric Association believes that:

  • All citizens should have the freedom to access high quality eye and vision care from a Doctor of Optometry without restriction.
  • Doctors of Optometry should continue to collaborate with other health care professionals to ensure that our citizens receive the best possible eye and health care.
  • All Doctors of Optometry should promote fellowship with their colleagues by being active in their professional association, local community, state and nation.
  • State laws, regulations and policies should attract the best practitioners in the profession of optometry to the Commonwealth.
  • Doctors of Optometry must practice to the fullest extent of their training and licensure.