POA's Strategic Plan

Letter from the President

Dear Members,

The Board of Directors, in coordination with the POA members, leaders and staff, developed a three-year strategic plan for our association. This involved stepping back from our day-to-day operations and asking where is our association headed and what its priorities should be. It included building consensus, setting overall strategy, and making decisions on allocating its resources to achieve this strategy.  The board was guided by a strategic planning coordinator from outside of the organization. Both, member and leadership surveys were used to identify the goals of our members and develop key operational areas of focus.  Strategic planning sessions were conducted with the Board and with key POA leaders to review the responses to the member and leadership surveys to stimulate new concepts and identify new ways to attain success. The planning process led the Board of Directors to the development of a new Table of Organization which better met the goals and interests of the POA membership. It is the hope that this new structure will help facilitate the continued success of our association. Its structure directly supports the areas of focus identified in the strategic planning discussions and provides for a more collaborative approach between committees and across the association. With the new structure in mind, Committees were formed and their members were tasked with the job of establishing action plans with clear and measurable goals accompanied by well-defined action steps related to execution of the goals. These new action plans will then provide the structure for accountable, measurable means to achieve our goals and realize success. We will move forward operationally with the goals set by our members. As an association we will accomplish a great deal. Thank you for your support and continued commitment to Optometry in Pennsylvania.


Rebecca Wincek Bateson, O.D.

POA President

POA's Strategic Plan

POA's Strategic Plan At A Glance