Donald H. Evans, O.D. Award Recipients

Donald H. Evans, O.D.

Dr. Donald Evans served as the association's executive director (called administrative director during his early years of service) from 1973 through 1984. Under Dr. Evans' watch, optometry was included as a primary care entry level provider for the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare's Remedial Eye Care Program; the POA office was completely renovated and the library and archives were established; the Pennsylvania Optometric Political Action Committee (POPAC) was created; optometrists were elected to the Pennsylvania Blue Shield Corporation; DPA legislation was passed; and a number of POA manuals, like the Resolutions Manual and Policy and Procedures Manual, were developed.

Additionally, under Dr. Evans' guidance, POA developed a loaner library; the Eye Care Benefits Committee was established to prepare optometrists for managed care; continuing education requirements were adopted as a prerequisite for license renewal; and myriad close relationships with numerous government and health care organizations were developed. Dr. Evans was named Pennsylvania Optometrist of the Year in 1968.

The Donald H. Evans, O.D., Award

Awarded annually by VCI to a PCO student in recognition of outstanding service to PCO, the visual welfare of the public and the community. Recipients are presented a $1,000 award and plaque. The award is named after Donald H. Evans, O.D., a long-time member and past executive director of POA. Dr. Evans is highly committed to organized optometry and the visual welfare of the public, with a special interest in legislative issues.

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Recipients of the Donald H. Evans, O.D. Award

* denotes recipient

Year Nominee(s)
2022 Michelle Ho, O.D.
2021 Andrew Muckin, O.D.
2019 Katherine Boas, O.D.
2018 Brian Johnson, O.D.
2017 Jonathan Jacesko, O.D.
2016 Jonathan Olmes, O.D.
2015 *Jennifer Turano, O.D.
2014 *Tara Bucklew, O.D.
Abby Brubaker, O.D
2013 *Tiffany A. Burick, O.D.
Michelle Min, O.D.
2012 *Ian Wayne McWherter, O.D.
2011 *Erin L. Van Shura, O.D.
2010 *Alissa M. Coyne, O.D.
2009 *Erin M. Draper, O.D.
2008 *Nora Ann M. Lucchi, O.D.
2007 *Eris P. Prifti, O.D.
2006 *Lori B. Rhoads, O.D.
2005 *Lori Farabaugh, O.D. 
Michele Spooner, O.D.
2004 *Shannon Hippler Mihalacki, O.D.
2003 Carter Liotta, O.D.
*William H. Park, O.D.
Nisha Patel, O.D.
Jessica Whittemore, O.D.
2002 *Imran Khan, O.D.
Anny S. Paek, O.D.
Ilana Gelfond, O.D.
Katherine S. Raguckas, O.D.
Jennifer P. Viscusi, O.D.
1993 Deborah M. Field, O.D.
(no recipient named)
1991 *Kimberly R. Riggs, O.D.
1985 *Barry Fabriziani, O.D.
1978 *Fred S. Petrunak, O.D.

Award History

In 1974, the POA House of Delegates voted to establish an award to be presented annually to a member of the graduating class of the Pennsylvania College of Optometry during commencement. The exact criteria was to be determined through a future meeting with PCO and POA.

Dr. John Schwartz met with PCO Representative John Crozier, O.D. The “POA Research Fellow Award” was decided to consist of $100 and a plaque by POA. Eligibility was based on a research paper to be presented on some area of POA involvement. The POA Board of Directors did not originally intend for this award to be limited to Pennsylvania residents only, but that requirement ultimately was adopted in 1975. In 1977, the House annulled the resolution (A-20, 1974) as part of the routine annulment of outdated resolutions.

April 1985, POA Board of Directors reinstated the “POA Research Fellow Award” for the 1984 calendar year, and voted that it be continued in conjunction with VCI, and that it be funded by the Memorial Card Program.

In November 1985, the POA Board voted that POA establish an award at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry to be called the “Donald H. Evans, O.D., Award,” consisting of a plaque and check for $500 supplied by POA. The award was to be funded by the Memorial Card Program. This award would be for a vision research oriented publishable paper for a Pennsylvania-resident PCO senior.

In November 1988, the POA Board voted to raise the Donald H. Evans, O.D., Award amount to $1,000.

In 2002, the criteria for the “Donald H. Evans, O.D. Award” was changed. Instead of submitting a research paper, students submit an application based on their service to PCO, optometry and the community. Funds for this scholarship are taken from VCI’s Memorial Card Fund. A plaque and $1,000 check are awarded.

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