George Gottschalk, Jr. Memorial Award Recipients

George Gottschalk, Jr.

George Gottschalk, Jr. served as the Pennsylvania Optometric Association's executive director from 1962 until his death in March 1973. Mr. Gottschalk established the first long-range planning committee for the association and arranged for the chartering of the Optometric Centers of Pennsylvania, which became the legal entity for optometric participation in numerous activities sponsored by state agencies. Also during his administration, legislation was adopted to establish non-profit optometric service corporations; freedom of choice legislation was passed; and optometric exhibit was developed for Harrisburg's William Penn Museum; the Memorial Card program for the Vision Conservation Institute was established; and valuable changes in the vision reporting form for the Bureau of Motorists was made. Mr. Gottschalk also served as POA's lobbyist, and under his watch, the Vision Welfare League, the forerunner of the Pennsylvania Optometric Political Action Committee (POPAC), was created.

The George Gottschalk, Jr. Memorial Award

The George Gottschalk, Jr. Memorial Award is presented annually to the outstanding committee chairperson as selected by POA Board of Directors. This award, typically presented in the spring, honors a member who served as chair the previous calendar year. Prior to 2004, the award was presented in November, honoring a current-year chair.


Recipients of the George Gottschalk, Jr. Memorial Award

Year Recipient Committee
2023 Perry Umlauf, O.D. Exhibits Chair
Presented March 2023
2022 Lori Gray, O.D. Keyperons Committee
Presented April 2022
2021 Daniel Russell, O.D. Nominating and Evaluating Committee
Presented October 2021
2020 John Alexander, O.D. Resolution & By-Laws Committee
Presented October 2021
2019 Robert Bittel, O.D., F.A.A.O. Legislative Affairs Committee
Presented May 2019
2018 Linda Casser, O.D. Membership Retention/Recruitement Committee
Presented May 2018
2017 Anthony Diecidue, O.D. Awards Committee
Presented May 2017
2016 Robert Bittel, O.D., F.A.A.O. Legislative Affairs Committee
Presented May 2016
2015 Stephen Hess, O.D. Student Membership Task Force
Presented May 2015
2014 Paul Lobby, O.D. Third Party Center Committee
Presented November 2014
2012 Lori Gray, O.D. Diabetes Task Force
Presented June 2013
2011 W. David Rule, O.D. Resolutions & By-Laws Committee (2010 Chair)
Presented June 2012
2010 James B. Paulson, O.D.          Legislative Affairs Committee
Presented June 2011
2009 Donna M. Buraczewski, O.D.
Noah M. Eger, O.D.
POPAC Fundraising Subcommittee
Presented June 2010
2008 Barbara M. Yanak, O.D. Personnel Committee
Presented June 2009
2007 S. Candace Covey, O.D. Healthy Persons 2010 Committee
Presented June 2008
2006 Edward B. Savarno, O.D. Membership Development & Retention Committee
Presented June 2007
2005 Carl J. Urbanski, O.D. Legislative Affairs Committee
Presented June 2006
2004 John Andren, O.D. Eye Care Benefits Committee
Presented June 2005
2003 Robert L. Owens, O.D. Motorists’ Vision Committee
2002 Arnold R. Eger, O.D. Legislative Affairs Committee
2001 James S. Spangler, O.D. Pediatric Vision Care Committee
2000 Janice Bianchi Frederickson, O.D. Congress Steering Committee
1999 Jerry P. Davidoff, O.D. Eye Care Benefits Committee
1998 Joseph P. Ruskiewicz, O.D. Quality Assessment & Improvement Cmte.
1997 Harvey P. Hanlen, O.D. Legal/Legislative Affairs Committee
1996 Michael R. Mohn, O.D. Centennial Committee
1995 John C. Alexander, O.D. Membership Services Committee
1994 Charles J. Stuckey, Jr., O.D. Eye Care Benefits Committee
1993 W. Reynolds Sisson, O.D. Motorists’ Vision Committee
1992 Charles N. Griffen, O.D. Membership Development Committee
1991 Jacqueline DeJesse, O.D. DPW Task Force
1990 Daniel W. Doberneck, O.D. Resolutions & By-Laws Committee
1989 Melvin E. Lilly, O.D. Eye Care Benefits Committee
1986 Bruce M. May, O.D. Evaluating & Nominating Committee
1985 Satya B. Verma, O.D. Membership Committee
1984 Harvey P. Hanlen, O.D. Legal/Legislative Committee
1983 I. William Collins, O.D. Continuing Education
1982 Nicholas Pappas, O.D. Congress Steering Committee
1981 Joseph G. Gackenbach, O.D. By-Laws Revision Committee
1980 Arnold R. Eger, O.D. Clinical Practice Committee
1979 David A. Koch, O.D. Clinical Practice Committee
1978 Walter L. Kaplen, O.D. Vision Benefit Committee
1977 Eugene J. Bogage, O.D. Professional & Patient Relations Committee
1976 Alvin H. Freedman, O.D. Constitution & By-Laws Committee
1975 Gerald B.M. Stein, O.D. Congress Steering Committee
1974 James A. Tribbett, O.D. Assistance to Graduates & Undergraduates
1973 Anna M. Miller, O.D. Paraoptometrics
1972 Elmer Friedman, O.D. Pennsylvania Optometrist

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