H. Ward Ewalt, O.D., Meritorious Service Award Recipients

Dr. H. Ward Ewalt, Jr.

Dr. H. Ward Ewalt was extremely active at the state and national level during the 1940s, including starting the AOA Public Health Bureau for AOA in Pittsburgh in 1944. He served as POA's president from 1939-1942, and was elected as the American Optometric Association's 41st president at the 65th AOA Congress held in Chicago, Illinois, July 18-21, 1962.


H. Ward Ewalt, O.D., Meritorious Service Award

The H. Ward Ewalt, O.D., Meritorious Service Award recognizes a POA member or an individual who has long-term dedication/service to POA and/or the optometry; whose life-long dedication and commitment to the profession is exemplary. While the criteria for this award is exemplary service to the profession and/or organized optometry, community service (which is not required) may also be recognized in addition to the aforementioned. This living legend award is limited to one winner in any given year, but does not have to be awarded each year. The award does not have to follow a recent contribution, although it may. The Award recipients will be selected by the Board of Directors. The Award will be presented at the discretion of the Board and in those years when the Award is given, it will be presented during the annual House of Delegates meeting. Click here for more information about Dr. Ewalt and a list of previous recipients.


Recipients of the H. Ward Ewalt, O.D., Meritorious Service Award

* Established 1996

Year Recipient
2023 Joanne Cope, POA Electronic Claims Service Administrator
2021 Satya Verma, O.D.
2020 Ilene Sauertieg, Director of Education at POA
2019 Marla Moon, O.D.
2017 S. Candace Covey, O.D.
2015 John Biernacki, O.D. (presented posthumously)
2013 Harvey P. Hanlen, O.D.  (two presented in 2013)
2013 Charles J. Stuckey, Jr., O.D., F.A.A.O.  (two presented in 2013)
2012 Thomas L. Lewis, O.D., Ph.D.
2006 Joyce C. Reiner, CAE
2005 Ray L. Kinch, O.D.
2003 Melvin D. Wolfberg, O.D.
1999 Donald H. Evans, O.D.
1996 Irving Bennett, O.D.
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