Merit Awards Recipients

Nominations will be accepted from the POA's  local societies, committees, and Board of Directors.

Year Recipient
2022 Richard Christoph, O.D. For his work on the Legislative Affairs Committee
2021 Deb Blanchard

Susan Miller, O.D.

Christine Zlupko, O.D.
For her hard work managing the POA staff and office during the pandemic
For her many years of dedication to her local society and the POA
For her assistance revamping the school nurses program
2020 Steven Eiss, O.D.
Perry Umlauf, O.D.
For his dedication to the Third Party Center
For his service on various POA committees
2018 Fred Carlin, O.D.
Paul Lobby, O.D.
For his dedication to his local society
For his service as chair
2017 Richard Christoph, O.D. For his dedication to the Executive Search Committee
2016 Edward Brajdic, O.D. For his time and effort working with Senator Kim Ward
2015 Denise Wilcox, O.D.
Marianne Boltz, O.D., F.A.A.O.
Andrew Bloschichak, M.D.
For years of service on PA State Board of Optometry
Outstanding job in making 2014 "The Year of the Child"
For his dedication to optometry
2014 Robert Owens, O.D., F.A.A.O.
Daniel Russell, O.D.
Years of dedication to motorist vision issues
Outstanding service to help defeat HB 1188 and HB 838
2013 Robert A. Ginsburg, O.D.

Greg A. Caldwell, O.D., F.A.A.O.
Outstanding Lifetime Service; Appreciation for Service as POA Photographer

Outstanding POPAC Fundraising
2012 Paul Freeman, O.D. Outstanding service to Optometry: Journal of the American Optometric Association
2011 Robert P. Bittel, Jr., O.D., F.A.A.O. Outstanding service to the POA Board of Directors, POPAC and the Legislative Affairs Committee
2010 None
2009 None
2008 Todd J. Pierzchala, O.D.
David R. McPhillips, O.D.
Efforts on Student Membership Task Force, Development of PCO Quizbowl
2007 None
2006 None
2005 None
2004 John Andren, O.D.

Gerald Kempner, O.D.

Deborah Blanchard
Outstanding service to the Eye Care Benefits Committee

Long & Dedicated service as a leader on the Board of Directors and in the committee structure

Service to POA, 10 years (staff)
2003 None
2002 Mark B. Boas, O.D. Tireless commitment to PA’s school nurses
2001 James S. Spangler, O.D. KWH Campaign and dedication to pediatric issues
2000 Douglas J. Villella, O.D. Community Service on behalf of the visual welfare of the Public
1999 Mark Boas, O.D.

Joseph Gackenbach, O.D.
Presenting Documentation Guidelines Seminars

Presenting Documentation Guidelines Seminars
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