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POA Electronic Claims Service

Since 1994, the POA has offered an electronic claims submission service on a fee-for-service basis. You'll free your staff to do more productive work while getting quicker reimbursement. Most electronically submitted claims are paid in half the time that it takes to pay paper claims. There are no sign-up or application fees - you pay only a nominal charge for claims submitted. There's no waiting period, either - sign up and your claims can start being transmitted within a matter of days.

How it works

Participating optometry practices provide the requisite information via mail or fax to the claims submission service housed at the POA office. The information is then reviewed by the claims submission service staff, data entry is completed and submitted electronically to the appropriate payer. Claims can be submitted to any insurance company with an NAIC number.

Although most practices today are computerized, no special equipment is needed and there is no purchase, installation, education, or upgrades on hardware or software. And even if you are computerized, this service will save you and your staff many hours of time and frustration ... at less cost than you can do it yourself. This service reduces forms purchase costs because no CMS 1500 form is needed - simply use the POA's streamlined, easy-to-understand and easy-to-complete form. If the capability to print out a CMS 1500 is available, the claim can be printed on plain white paper in that format and sent. (Referral claims may require use of a different form.) You identify the insurance company and we'll make sure that it gets sent to the right place. An alphabetical summary by insurance company including the patient's name, identification number, date(s) of service, procedure code and the charge(s) accompanies our monthly invoice.

This is the best optometric resource to keep up with the latest filing requirements. If claim information doesn't conform, the optometry office is notified before the claim is submitted. Fewer hassles and a reduction in the number of rejections will result because claims are screened to eliminate the common errors which cause rejection and necessitate time-consuming tracking and resubmission. If the claim is rejected, the claims submission service staff provides the necessary support to the optometric office staff to help get the claim paid.

Contact information

For information about POA's Electronic Claims Service, contact Joanne Cope, claims administrator, at (717) 234-2119.

Fax claims to (717) 234-6181.


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