Think About Your Eyes


During the POA's Annual Congress in May of 2016, the House of Delegates voted to join over 30 other state associations in participating with Think About Your Eyes (TAYE) at the Leadership Level. Members have expressed desire for a national advertising campaign promoting optometry for many years, and TAYE is that campaign. Presented by the American Optometric Association and The Vision Council, TAYE builds awareness of optometry and the importance of eye and vision health through television, broadcast radio, online audio, digital ads and social media. It also features a doctor locator that can be found at

This benefit will be provided to members for an annual charge of $50, which will be included on annual dues bills for all Active and Partial Practice members. Life and Federal Services members of the POA will have the option to join this program should they still be in practice for the same cost. In addition to funding optometry's national advertising campaign, the $50 fee includes the member listing on the Doctor Finder that is prominently displayed on the TAYE website, which has had over 2.5 million visits since its national launch. Currently, the cost of a Basic listing for an individual doctor on the TAYE website is $250 per year. By committing the entire association to the program, POA members receive an 80% discount off the Basic listing fee.

Over the past year in Pennsylvania, almost 140,000 patients visited the TAYE website to find a doctor; 418 patients dialed an office to make an appointment while viewing the locator on their mobile phone; 427 patients clicked on Request Appointment; and 1,566 patients read a doctor's profile, downloaded map directions, or clicked through to a doctor's website or Facebook page.

The POA is excited for this opportunity with TAYE and hopes that it will increase the number of patients in our doctors' care. If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to the POA at (717) 233-6455.