The Pennsylvania Diabetic Eye Health Alliance

Diabetic Eye Health Alliance (PDEHA) is a program designed to target known public health concerns surrounding the care of diabetics.


About the PDEHA

On June 7, 2008, Pennsylvania optometry, through its House of Delegates, made a commitment to provide expedient, comprehensive eye care to diabetic patients. The resolution called for the association to "develop and implement a statewide program to ensure the provision of timely optometric care to diabetic patients and to communicate findings to the other members of the diabetic patient's healthcare team." A task force was immediately assembled, and the "The Pennsylvania Diabetic Eye Health Alliance" began to take shape.On February 22, 2009, the Pennsylvania Diabetic Eye Health Alliance was launched in conjunction with the POA's one-day "Inter-professional Management of Your Diabetic Patient" seminar in Hershey.Knowing that Pennsylvania optometrists are already providing excellent care to diabetic patients, it is our hope that all members will embrace the additional components of this program that solidify optometry's role as primary eye care providers. We encourage each of you to participate in The Pennsylvania Diabetic Eye Health Alliance.While this program is not currently designed to generate direct referrals, it has resulted in a list of optometrists who have committed to a certain standard of care that includes dilated fundus exams, seeing diabetic patients expediently, and communicating exam results to the patient's primary care provider and other members of the health care team as appropriate. This list is provided to third party payers to document optometry's commitment to providing the highest level of care to diabetic patients, and will help optometry continue to build bridges and partnerships with third party payers and others in the health care delivery system.

If you have any questions about the Pennsylvania Diabetic Eye Health Alliance or how to become a part of this exciting initiative, please contact the POA office at (717) 233-6455.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is an epidemic in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 34 millions Americans have diabetes and face its devastating consequences. The serious complications include heart disease, stroke, amputation, end-stage kidney disease, blindness and death. 

Prediabetes is a condition in which blood glucose levels are higher than normal but not high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes. People with prediabetes have an increased chance of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Without lifestyle changes such as weight loss and increased physical activity, most people with prediabetes will get type 2 diabetes within 5 to 6 years. Research shows that modest weight loss and regular physical activity can help prevent or delay type 2 diabetes by up to 58% in people with prediabetes.

  • Total: 96 million people aged 18 years or older have prediabetes (38.0% of the adult US population)
  • 65 years or older: 26.4 million people aged 65 years or older (48.8%) have prediabetes

Three types of diabetes: In type 1 diabetes, the body does not produce insulin. This autoimmune disease is typically diagnosed by early adulthood, often in children. Type 1 diabetes is not preventable or reversible. The condition is either present at birth or the body's ability to produce insulin declines over time. In type 2 diabetes, the body does not produce enough insulin and/or does not use it. This is the most common type of diabetes. Type 2 diabetes typically develops over time. Eating healthy and being physically active to manage your weight can help to prevent type 2 diabetes. In gestational diabetes, high blood glucose levels develop during pregnancy and typically return to normal after delivery. Women who have had gestational diabetes have a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes later in life.

  • Total: 37.3 million people have diabetes (11.3% of the US population)
  • Diagnosed: 28.7 million people, including 28.5 million adults
  • Undiagnosed: 8.5 million people (23.0% of adults are undiagnosed)    

Pennsylvania's diabetes epidemic:

  • Every year an estimated 89,719 people in Pennsylvania are diagnosed with diabetes
  • Approximately 1,147,490 people in Pennsylvania, or 11.1% of the adult population have diagnosed diabetes
  • An additional 303,000 people in Pennsylvania have diabetes but don't know it, greatly increasing their health risk
  • There are 3,484,000 people in Pennsylvania, 34.1% of the adult population, who have prediabetes with blood glucose levels that are higher than normal but not yet high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes

Resources:   1. 2.

Member poster

The POA has a diabetes poster, which is  FREE to members participating in the Pennsylvania Diabetic Eye Health Alliance (PDEHA). The poster is a 18" x 24" full-color design suitable to proudly display in your office. Posters are available at the POA and can be mailed upon  request.


PDEHA Participating Optometrists
As of November 28, 2022

If you believe your name should already be on this list or haven't signed up yet but want to participate, please complete the form in the right column of this page.

  • Christopher Adsit, OD
    Veena Adusumilli, OD
    John Alexander, OD
    Carolyn Allen, OD
    Clayton Anderson, OD
    Ronald Andino, OD
    John Andren, OD
    Jonathan Andrews, OD
    Rebecca Armagno, OD
    Pamela Assalita, OD
    Frank Aulicino, OD
    Stephen Baer, OD
    Deepika Bagga, OD
    Drue Bahajak, OD
    Todd Bainbridge, OD
    Kerri Bakker, OD
    Joan Bartolotta, OD
    Justin Beamer, OD
    Corinne Belanger, OD
    Steven Berger, OD
    Joseph Berkely, OD
    David Bigley, OD
    Samuel Bigley, OD
    John Bissell, OD
    Matthew Bittel, OD
    Robert Bittel, OD
    Gregory Bittner, OD
    Robert Bittner, OD
    Ned Blymire, OD
    Katherine Boas, OD
    Mark Boas, OD
    Suzanne Boas, OD
    Jeffrey Boehme, OD
    Michael Boland, OD,FAAO
    Marianne Boltz, OD,FAAO
    Nicole Bosak, OD
    John Boscia, OD
    Debra Boshinski, OD
    William Boshinski, OD
    John Boyle, OD
    James Bozzuto, OD
    Bethany Brady, OD
    Edward Brajdic, OD
    John Brandt, OD
    Iana Brewer, OD
    Leslie Brodsky, OD,FAAO
    Dustin Brown, OD
    Gretta Brown, OD
    Michael Brownfield, OD
    Jean Bruch, OD
    James Budd, OD
    Donna Buraczewski, OD
    Edmund Burdick, OD
    Jacqueline Burkhardt, OD
    Michael Burkhart, OD
    Richard Charles Burns, OD
    Robert Burns, OD
    Kerry Burrell, OD
    John Cable, OD
    David Cage, OD
    Randy Cakanac, OD
    Gregory Caldwell, OD
    James Caldwell, OD
    Brian Carl, OD
    Fred Carlin, OD
    Linda Casser, OD,FAAO
    Richard Centar, OD
    Richard Christoph, OD
    Connie Chronister, OD
    Kevin Chung, OD
    John Ciummei, OD
    Mark Clement, OD
    Molly Clymer, OD
    Alan Cohen, OD
    Howard Cohen, OD
    Steven Cohen, OD
    Steven Cohn, OD
    Stuart Cohn, OD
    Gwen Coltz, OD
    Brendan Connors, OD
    John Cook, OD
    Glenn Corbin, OD
    Timothy Corcoran, OD
    Matthew Corso, OD
    Susan Covey, OD
    Ryan Cowburn, OD
    Lisa Cox, OD
    Michael Cross, OD
    David Csonka, OD
    Nathan Csonka, OD
    Susan Csonka, OD
    Jill Cuthbertson, OD
    Michael Cymbor, OD
    Mark Dalton, OD
    Myhanh Dang, OD
    Milad Daoud, OD
    Mitchell Davis, OD
    Anthony Defazio, OD
    Jacqueline De Jesse, OD
    Andrew Delaney, OD
    Diane Del Regno, OD
    Karen Delserone, OD
    Lisa Demers, OD
    James Deom, OD
    Devin Depner, OD
    Vivian Descant, OD
    Joshua Diehl, OD
    Gary Dietterick, OD
    Michael Dittman, OD
    Daniel Doberneck, OD
    Dennis Dombrowski, OD
    Samuel D'Onofrio, OD
    Samantha Dougherty, OD
    Stephen Drabick, OD
    Erin Draper, OD
    Walter Drill, OD
    William Drusedum, OD
    Jodi Duda, OD
    Arthur Duppstadt, OD
    Ryan Edmonds, OD
    Scott Edmonds, OD
    Susan Edmonds, OD
    Mark Eger, OD
    Noah Eger, OD
    Steven Eiss, OD
    John Ellis, OD
    Joseph Ellwood, OD
    Jeffrey Empfield, OD
    Andrea Enterline, OD
    Charles Falsone, OD
    Tara Farrell, OD
    Jay Feder, OD
    Ihor Fedoriw, OD
    John Ferrari, OD
    Lawrence Filak, OD
    Benjamin Foreman, OD
    William Forse, OD
    David Foster, OD
    Janice Frederickson, OD
    Paul Freeman, OD
    Stanley Fruzynski, OD
    Robert Garfield, OD
    Gerald Geist, OD
    Leonard Gervinski, OD
    Abigail Gillogly Harsch, OD
    Ralph Gilmore, OD
    Dana Gjurich, OD
    Douglas Goepfert, OD
    Linda Goepfert, OD
    Jeffrey Gold, OD
    Scott Goldberg, OD
    Kristin Goodling, OD
    Curt Gottlieb, OD
    Alexander Graham, OD
    Lori Gray, OD
    Michael Gray, OD
    Chad Green, OD
    Eric Gregg, OD
    Russell Grove, OD
    Jason Guilford, OD
    Andrew Gurwood, OD
    John Guzzetti, OD
    Marie Gwinn, OD
    Robert Haak, OD
    James Hall, OD
    Paul Halpern, OD
    Harry Halscheid, OD
    Harvey Hanlen, OD
    Michele Lago Hanley, OD
    David Harakal, OD
    Lonny Harrison, OD
    Richard Thomas Hawley, OD
    Linda Heisey, OD
    Julie Helsel, OD
    Edward Hemler, OD
    Nancy Herrold, OD
    Katie Hertz, OD
    Stephen Hess, OD
    Keith Hilliard, OD,FAAO
    Mistie Hockman-Haag, OD
    Robert Hollenbach, OD
    Jessica Hollister, OD
    Marie Homa-Palladino, OD
    Dawn Hornberger, OD
    Jacquelyn Horst, OD
    Roberta Horwitz, OD
    Michael Huet, OD
    Michael Hutton, OD
    Sean Hyman, OD
    Ryan Imler, OD
    Gary Itzenson, OD
    Kirsten Jervis, OD
    Robert Johnson, OD
    Emily Jones, OD
    Jesse Jones, OD
    Shawn Jones, OD
    Mary Jordan-Flickinger, OD
    Christine Kalicki, OD
    Jessica Kaminsky, OD
    Maureen Kamons, OD
    Randall Kane, OD
    Barry Kanofsky, OD
    Arthur Kaplan, OD
    Tara Kays, OD
    Lisa Keiser, OD
    Lindsey Kelly, OD
    Malcolm Kelly, OD
    Neil Austin Kenney, OD
    Erin Kenny, OD
    Todd Keppich, OD
    Kristen Kerr, OD
    Seema Khanna, OD
    Gary Kirman, OD
    Thomas Kislan, OD
    John Knouse, OD
    Natalia Kobrenko, OD
    David Koch, OD
    Tricia Korenkiewicz, OD
    Christopher Kuc, OD,FAAO
    Melissa Kuzo, OD
    Magi Labib, OD
    Leanna Lape-Stoudt, OD
    Lowell Lebovitz, OD
    Amanda Legge, OD
    Andrew Leitzel, OD
    John Lieto, OD
    Melvin Lilly, OD
    Matthew Link, OD
    Robert Lloyd, OD
    Paul Lobby, OD
    Bradley Loeb, OD
    Lisa Lorenzo, OD
    Shauna Lushko, OD
    Michel Maiers, OD
    Michael Maizel, OD
    Karen Malleus, OD
    Bernard Mallinger, OD
    Charlene Maloney, OD
    Anthony Mancuso, OD
    Jane Manly, OD
    Jon Marberger, OD
    Kathy Marcoe, OD
    Richard Margerum, OD
    Mark Margolies, OD
    John Marsteller, OD
    Maura Massucci, OD
    Matthew Mastrine, OD
    Craig Match, OD
    Lara Match, OD
    Caitlin McCauley, OD
    Robert McClenathan, OD
    Lisa McDevitt, OD
    Joel McGahen, OD
    Jennifer McGrath, OD
    Michael McGrath, OD
    Donna Mc Laughlin, OD
    M. Alan McLin, OD
    Stephen Meier, OD
    Shannon Mihalacki, OD
    Julia Milanak, OD
    Heather Miller, OD
    Leslie Miller, OD
    Rebecca Miller, OD
    Susan Miller, OD
    Dustin Mitchell, OD
    Michael Mohn, OD
    Marla Moon, OD
    Archie Morris, OD
    Leigh Moser, OD
    John Mucciola, OD
    Michael Mucker, OD
    Jonathan Murphy, OD
    Marc Myers, OD
    Yanna Nachtigall, OD
    Patricia Napolitan, OD
    Brett Neal, OD
    Donald Nebel, OD
    Stanley Nebel, OD
    Paul Newcomer, OD
    Jimmy Nguyen, OD
    Robert Nible, OD
    Carolyn Novak, OD
    Christopher Nowik, OD
    Douglas O'Connor, OD
    Leslie O'Dell, OD
    Brian O'Donnell, OD
    Gerald Olson, OD
    Logan O'Neal, OD
    Sharon O'Rourke, OD
    Tara O'Rourke, OD
    Alexandra Oszustowicz, OD
    Robert Owens, OD,FAAO
    Kelsey Paciotti, OD
    H. Arnold Papernick, OD
    James Paulson, OD
    Miriam Pearson, OD
    Hunter Peirce, OD
    Jillian Penney, OD
    Vladislav Petcov, OD
    Gregg Peters, OD
    Amy Peterson, OD
    Jeffrey Peterson, OD
    Mary Petrunyak, OD
    Richard Phillips, OD
    Thomas Phillips, OD
    Lynne Pierce, OD
    Bruce Pierson, OD
    Todd Pierzchala, OD
    Sara Pike, OD
    Anthony Pinter, OD
    Mindy Pinter, OD
    Melissa Plowmaker Carrasco, OD
    Barbara Porter Domenico, OD
    Aaron Presutto, OD
    Suzanne Proleika, OD
    Colleen Rae-Jenkins, OD
    David Rajchel, OD
    Mark Rakoczy, OD
    Roopal Rammohan, OD
    Jennifer Randle, OD
    Martin Rawdin, OD
    Joseph Rebman, OD
    Bradley Reilly, OD
    John Reimold, OD
    Jessica Reiniger, OD
    Steven Reto, OD,FAAO
    Robert Ricart, OD
    Melissa Richard, OD
    James Riegel, OD
    Stephanie Riggi, OD
    Kara Ritchey, OD
    George Roberts, OD
    Greg Robinson, OD
    Nikki Rook, OD
    Tara Rose, OD
    Kristen Roseman, OD
    Robert Rosenthal, OD
    Jonathan Ross, OD
    Keith Rowlands, OD
    Stephen Rudnick, OD
    Maria Ruduski-Downey, OD
    Karen Rule, OD
    William Rule, OD
    Joseph Ruskiewicz, OD,MPH
    Andrea Russell, OD
    Shirley Ruth, OD
    Scott Rutkoski, OD
    Michelle Saad-Barnes, OD
    Tony Sankari, OD
    Richard Santasania, OD
    Mario Saracino, OD
    Michael Satryan, OD
    Edward Savarno, OD
    Kenneth Savitski, OD
    Philip Schaville, OD
    Gary Scheib, OD
    Mitchell Scheiman, OD
    Shannon Scheuren, OD
    Loretta Schmidgall, OD
    David Schmolly, OD
    Rebecca Schoonover, OD
    Tracy Schroeck, OD
    Neil Schwartz, OD
    Philip Schwartz, OD,DIPLOM_ABO
    Heidi Sensenig, OD
    Tracy Sepich, OD
    Leroy Seria, OD
    Michele Shade-Hinchliffe, OD
    Richard Sheaffer, OD
    Justin Shearman, OD
    Martha Shipe, OD
    Shelby Sieber, OD
    Steven Siegel, OD
    Joseph Smay, OD
    John Smith, OD
    Lora Smith, OD
    Lori Smith, OD
    Scott Smith, OD
    Terry Smith, OD
    Courtney Smyser, OD
    Pamela Snavely-Dickow, OD
    Mark Spering, OD
    Akirta Sran, OD
    Danielle Staresinic, OD
    Nathan Stebbins, OD
    Jeff Stefanick, OD
    Allison Stemko, OD
    Leah Stevens, OD
    Mervin Stoltzfus, OD
    Jessica Stone, OD
    Joann Strain, OD
    Karena Strain, OD
    Tayler Strauch, OD
    Robert Strohecker, OD
    Kimberly Suche-Agostinelli, OD
    J. James Suydam, OD
    Eric Sweitzer, OD
    Margaret Swinker, OD
    Lawrence Sylvester, OD
    Cora Talarigo, OD
    Jay Tanner, OD,
    Kristie Teets, OD
    Joseph Terravecchia, OD
    Whitney Territo, OD
    Peter Theodorous, OD
    Christina Thrash, OD
    Megan Tiburtini, OD
    James Tickner, OD
    George Toohey, OD
    Matthew Trego, OD
    James Tribbett, OD
    Dawn Trybulski, OD
    Shawn Tubiello, OD
    James Tuttle, OD
    Perry Umlauf, OD
    Carl Urbanski, OD
    Richard John Vahaly, OD
    James Veliky, OD
    Satya Verma, OD
    Rebecca Verna, OD
    Shalini Vilsack, OD,FAAO
    Melissa Vitek, OD,FAAO
    David Wagner, OD
    Beth Walmer, OD
    Jeffrey Walter, OD
    Lonny Ware, OD
    Tammy Warmouth, OD
    David Warshawsky, OD
    Alexandra Wasmanski, OD
    Janine Watkins, OD
    Emily Weaver, OD
    Scott Weaver, OD
    William Weimer, OD
    Christine Weld, OD
    Steven Weller, OD
    Rhonda Wendekier, OD
    Claudia Wendel, OD
    Denis Wenders, OD
    Michelle Wertelet, OD
    Harry Wertsch, OD
    Alethea Wessner, OD
    Robert Wheatall, OD
    Abby Whiting, OD
    Antoni Wichryk, OD
    Lois Wida, OD
    Nancy Wiggins, OD
    Jeffrey Wigton, FAAO,OD
    Denise Wilcox, OD
    Rebecca Wincek-Bateson, OD
    Sherry Winn, OD
    Richard Wiscount, OD
    Sarah Wise, OD
    Karl Wolfe, OD
    Kevin Wolfinger, OD
    Rebecca Woodring Buttermore, OD
    Min Xu, OD
    Keying Yan, OD
    Barbara Yanak, OD
    Jessica Young, OD
    Frank Zbignewich, OD
    Shana Zeitlin, OD
    John Zelazowski, OD
    Barry Zelesnick, OD
    Jennifer Zerfass, OD
    Christine Zlupko, OD, FCOVD
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