Night lights: New guidelines put focus on illuminating roadways and sidewalks

October 25, 2016

Blue light-emitting LEDs can save cities money, but disrupt sleep patterns and create glare for drivers. Read more >

Under pressure: Addressing hypertension

October 24, 2016

Educating patients about high blood pressure spans professions. Read more >

Swindles, cons and scams: Don’t let your eyes deceive you

October 18, 2016

AOA warns public not to be fooled by services making ludicrous claims that skirt necessary eye care. Read more >

Pigment on the surface of lenses poses risks

October 11, 2016

Study finds contact lens with pigment on the surface created more inflammation and conjunctival redness than other lens types. Read more >

Association found between TBI and neurodegenerative conditions

October 6, 2016

Study suggests there may be more to look at. Read more >

Researchers take a fresh look at conventional eye drops

September 30, 2016

Packets that gradually dissolve and release medication to treat dry eye and other eye diseases could make daily application of eye drops unnecessary. Read more >