Nutritional balancing act: More isn’t always better

November 10, 2016

Lutein is known to reduce AMD risk, but too much can have consequences. Read more >

Genetic testing and nutritional supplements

November 8, 2016

New study makes a case for using genetic testing to determine if nutritional supplements will help treat AMD. Read more >

Ready resources for diabetes care

November 7, 2016

American Diabetes Month® brings attention to this leading public health crisis once again. Read more >

Corneal cross-linking offers new treatment option for adolescent patients

November 1, 2016

Less invasive, FDA-approved option may offer less frustration for young patients. Read more >

Night lights: New guidelines put focus on illuminating roadways and sidewalks

October 25, 2016

Blue light-emitting LEDs can save cities money, but disrupt sleep patterns and create glare for drivers. Read more >

Under pressure: Addressing hypertension

October 24, 2016

Educating patients about high blood pressure spans professions. Read more >