Letters of Intent

If you are interested in serving on the PPA Board, contact Immediate Past President Roberta Beers, CPOT at rmbeers@zoominternet.net. You can send in your letter of intent or you can also run from the floor during the election of officers.

Letter of Intent - April Conde, ABO

Things you need to know about serving on the PPA Board:

  • The Pennsylvania Paraoptometric Association board meets 3 to 4 times a year.
  • There is a board meeting in January (weather permitting), Spring Education meeting, August/September and one in the event we have fall education
  • Board members will report to the president with a written report prior to the meetings and submit a report for the ParaEyes.
  • Board members will receive their Spring and Fall education registration at no cost.
  • Board members are reimbursed up to $150.00  per meeting 

Helpful attributes of those considering serving on the PPA Board:

  • Have served or serving on your local Society
  • Served on a community organization
  • Having knowledge of PPA
  • Organizational skills
  • Leadership abilities